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BRICs: something is wrong in the promised land

An acronym made a man famous. Jim O’ Neill former chief economist from the Bank Goldman Sachs created, in 2004, the term BRIC. For him, Brazil, Russia, India and China … Continue reading

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The Role of Randomness

We are the result of randomness. At least that is what quantum physics has shown so far.  We are here because some small particles  combined in a specific way. If … Continue reading

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The wounds of corruption

It starts with truculence Alexander Lebedev punched a man on the face during a TV broadcast and had his life turned upside down.The victim was a billionaire, Sergei Polonski. The altercation started … Continue reading

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The Visible Hand of the State

One hundred and eight days. To be more accurate, 2600 hours. This is the time it takes for companies to comply with the complex Brazilian tax system. Paying taxes in … Continue reading

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The Shareholders’ Battles

PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) is known for its non subtle protests and advertisements. Naked humans in a meat package covered in blood and plastic are not a … Continue reading

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Brazil walks back

Latin American giant is losing investors due to obtuse political decisions, lack of infrastructure and protectionism by Bruna Maia On the rise of the XXI century, investors would place their … Continue reading

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On the road to the end

My Master in Digital Journalism at IE School of Communications will be concluded by July. Now it is time to work in my final project: a journalistic product about a topic … Continue reading

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Brazil lands?

Three years ago, The Economist — almost a bible — stated: “Brazil Takes Off”. The country was a vibrant example of economic growth and a main course for investors. Well, … Continue reading

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